v1.2.2/v1.6.3 Unofficial Patch Updates


Blue - Included in Tribunal/Bloodmoon Master File


BUG       patchScript missing from Morrowind only Master File

FIX         Added patchScript



BUG       GetPCGold script should stop itself

FIX         Added “StopScript” statement


BUG       Iron Tanto used Steel Tanto mesh

FIX         Made it use Iron Tanto mesh



BUG       Red Colovian Helm is Yellow

FIX         Created red textures

                Created new nif file for red helm

                Created red icon

                Added new body part for red helm

                Edited Armor object to use new body part object, mesh and icon


BUG       “belt of heartfire” Clothing object has wrong icon

FIX         Changed to “tx_belt_heartfire_01.tga”


BUG       “artifact_soul_ring” Clothing object has no icon

FIX         Changed to “tx_r_soul_01.tga”


BUG       book_dwe_pipe00 and BookSkill_Destruction5_open use wrong icons

FIX         Changed from “Tx_octavo_02” to “Tx_octavo_open_02”


BUG       bk_Ibardad_Elante_notes uses wrong icon

FIX         Changed from “Tx_octavo_04” to “Tx_octavo_open_04”


BUG       BookSkill_Axe5_open uses wrong icon

FIX         Changed from “Tx_book_03” to “Tx_book_open_03”


BUG       bk_pillowinvoice uses wrong icon

FIX         Changed from “Tx_scroll_open_01.tga” to “Tx_parchment_02.tga”


BUG       “BookSkill_Light Armor1” uses wrong icon

FIX         Changed from “Tx_quarto_01” to “Tx_quarto_open_01”


BUG       All but one Book object using the text_scroll_01 mesh has the wrong icon

FIX         Changed from “Tx_scroll_open_01.tga” to “Tx_scroll_01.tga”


BUG       Glass Bracer left and right Armor objects use wrong mesh

FIX         Changed from “A_Glass_Bracer_W” to “A_Glass_Bracer_GND”

                Moved the left bracer in “Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk Lower Level” to rest on the shelf properly

TRIB/BLDM – Moved right and left in “Mournhold, Armory” and left in “Norenen-dur, The Wailingdelve”


BUG       Dwemer Bracer left and right Armor objects use wrong mesh

FIX         Changed from “A_Dwemer_Bracer_W” to “A_Dwemer_Bracer_W_GND”

                Moved objects ingame to rest in correct positions


BUG       Dwemer Pauldron left and right Armor objects use wrong mesh

FIX         Changed to “A_Dwemer_Pauldron_GND.nif”

                Moved objects ingame to rest in correct positions


BUG       Greeting 9: “%PCName! Please! Ask anything…” is said by any race. Should just be for Khajiit

FIX         Added Khajiit race check


BUG       Dura gra-Bol is referred to as ‘he’ in two “Dura gra-Bol” topics (“I think she…” & “She lives in…”

FIX         Changed to “She”


BUG       The hostile mudcrab (HR_MudcrabNest) quest isn’t ended if you aren’t Redoran. Also, one journal entry mentions reporting to Neminda even if she didn’t give you the quest

FIX         Added “LtM_MudcrabQuest” global variable

                Edited Neminda’s “Have you taken care of…” Greeting 5 to check if global is set

                Changed HR_MudcrabNest, 40 to 45 and added new 40 (not saying about Neminda and ending the quest)

                Made Neminda’s “Go talk to Drulene…” hostile mudcrabs topic set the global to 1

                Copied Drulene’s “Here you go…” and “It can be…” hostile mudcrabs dialogues and made one check for if the quest was given by Neminda and update 45 instead of 40



BUG       Adamantium right pauldron has 100 enchantment points, whereas the left one only has 30

FIX         Changed the right pauldron enchantment to 30


BUG       Madura Seran topic isn’t made available when asking Darius for “orders” because a condition isn’t already set

FIX         Removed the “LtM_MaduraQuest = 1” check from Darius’s first “Madura Seran” topic

                Added “SET LtM_MaduraQuest TO 1” line to same dialogue in case Orders wasn’t done.


BUG       Reading the Pilgram’s Path will add a journal entry, and start a quest, even if you aren’t a Temple member. Quest cannot be closed unless you join the Temple and finish the pilgramage

FIX         Made Journal entry only added if you are on the quest when reading the book


BUG       The two guards in “Ald-ruhn, Venim Manor Right Wing” will stop attacking when Varvur’s script makes him stop combat

FIX         Added lines to varvurSarethiScript to make guards keep attacking player (StartCombat, Player)


BUG       Varvur will attack the guards in the other rooms instead of running

FIX         Added new code to do stop his combat if he attacks the other guards



BUG       The Ristaag quest can be broken if you say goodbye to Rolf before doing the “ensure our success” topic

FIX         Edited Rolf, Sattir and Grerid’s “Shhh… we must hunt…” Greeting 1s to check >= 25 instead of >= 20


BUG       Magicka referred to as “Spell Points” in various spells

FIX         Corrected in: absorb spell points, absorb spell points (ranged), ash curse: spell points, curse spell points, dread curse: spell points


BUG       “Absorb Health”, “Absorb Fatigue” and “Absorb Magicka” descriptions are all wrong. They cannot excede the caster’s maximum and the effects aren’t reversed afterwards.

FIX         Removed the parts of the descriptions that were incorrect.


BUG       The Drain spells don’t work properly. Instead of draining a certain amount every second, they only drain for the first half a second. Therefore the descriptions are wrong.

FIX         Edited the descriptions to reflect the way the spells actually work.



BUG       “Meet someone new” topic has two fail dialogues for Sunel and none for Goval

FIX         Changed one to check MatchMakeGoval instead of MatchMakeSunel



BUG       If the 4th Raven Rock spriggan’s body is disposed of before the other 3 spriggans are killed the journal isn’t updated as it is meant to be

FIX         Edited the script of all four spriggans to update the journal if that spriggan is the last killed (and the scripts also now stop running once all spriggins are dead



BUG       Not sure why it is there at all, but Falco’s “Aldam Berendus is dead…” assignment topic checks if Uryn Maren is dead.

FIX         Edited to check the correct person



BUG       Falco still says you need to catch Uryn Maren in the act after you’ve told him you already did.

FIX         Added new dialogue for Journal CO_6 = 65 (you’ve told Falco)



BUG       Coventina sometimes refuses to attack Graring

FIX         Changed her script so she will refuse *not* to attack him


BUG       Irarak’s Script makes him attack you if you become a Berne vampire. I don’t think he is ever meant to attack you.

FIX         Commented out all the SetFight parts in irarakScript


BUG       Marara’s Script doesn’t set her back to being hostile when the player is cured of vampirism

FIX         Edited mararaScript to setfight 90 when cured


BUG       Not really a bug since it doesn’t actually do anything. Mastrius’s script has checks for if the player is a vampire and if the player is cured, but they don’t actually do anything. This is annoying

FIX         Removed that section of the scripts.


BUG       Becoming a Berne vampire makes Merta not attack you (until you’re really close or talk to her) when she hates Berne vampires more than others

FIX         Removed all the vampire checks and setfights and stuff from her script


BUG       A key to Mehra Milo’s quarters is meant to be enabled when she is captured. But the script was never attached

FIX         Attached MiloKey script to “key_Private Quarters” and edited it to remove the messagebox


BUG       You can buy a pass into the Gnisis Eggmine, but the guard doesn’t check for it. Since passes are never mentioned it probably isn’t meant to be in the game.

FIX         Removed it from Hetman’s inventory


BUG       Velfred the outlaw’s “ash statue” topic check = 0 instead of > 0

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Even if you are Patriarch of the Temple it is a crime to open the desk with the key because it is owned by one of the guards

FIX         Changed ownership to Faction Temple->Patriarch


BUG       The three guards in the Ministry of Truth, Prison Keep are not Temple faction members

FIX         Made them all Temple members


BUG       Cinia Urtius may walk off the boat she is on

FIX         Made her not wander


BUG       Weeltul, a slave in Saturan, is class Acrobat instead of Slave

FIX         Corrected



BUG       Fons Beren’s “Hey there, friend!…” Greeting 1 should check >= 1, not > 1

FIX         Corrected



BUG       Journal should probably be updated in Fons Beren “women” choice 2, not the first male dialogue

FIX         Moved “Journal MS_MatchMaker 10” line to Choice 2 (And Choice 1, just in case)



BUG       Choice 6 updates a non-existent journal entry

FIX         Changed to “Journal MS_MatchMaker 10”



BUG       Killing the Scamp in Huleen’s Hut and talking to the apprentice opens the quest. If you aren’t mages’ guild then it will never close.

FIX         Created new journal entry MG_Apprentice 45, which closes the quest, for if the player isn’t already on it.

                Made MG_Apprentice 10 restart the quest (for if the player receives it from Edwinna afterwards)

                Edited Greeting 1, “all my fault” and “Scamp” dialogues for Listien Bierles to add the new entry if not on the quest



BUG       Marena Gilnith will say the Fons Beran topic even if you didn’t choose Fons Beran

FIX         Made her first two “Fons Beran” topics check that MatchMakeFons is greater than 2



BUG       Fons Beren says he is getting ready for the date Greeting 1 after she has chosen someone else

FIX         Changed >= 90 to = 90



BUG       Fons Beren will say old Greetings after him and Marena are together

FIX         Created new Greeting 1 for  MatchMakeFons = 10



BUG       Sunel Hlas is greatly lacking in Greetings. He’ll say his typical “Life Sux” greeting even after he’s with Marena

FIX         Added new greeting for immediately after a successful date, and another for all the time afterwards

                Added new greeting for after an unsuccessful date.



BUG       If you haven’t talked to them about her before, you can still mention her to the three guys after she’s already with someone else

FIX         Changed MS_MatchMaker >= 50 checks to = 50 in all the “women” dialogues that give the option of telling them about Marena (Goval’s, Sunel’s and 2 of Fons’s).



BUG       When Marena is on the date with one of them, the other two greet the player like they are on the date.

FIX         Added MatchMake > 3, < 7 checks to the three greetings



BUG       Sunel’s rejection “Marena Gilnith” topics check = 4 instead of >= 4

FIX         Corrected



BUG       The men say about “Marena Gilnith” even if you never told them about her

FIX         Added MatchMake >= 2 checks to the dialogues for if you’ve set her up with someone else


BUG       In “Morrowind lore” people tell you that Dunmer make up 50% of the population and then list Dunmer as one of the other races. Seems a little silly.

FIX         Removed “Dunmer, ”



BUG       Summon Bonewolf Magic Effect has no description (not that it matters) and is Alteration instead of Conjuration

FIX         Created description

                Changed to Conjuration



BUG       Summon Fabricant Magic Effect has Alteration sounds instead of Conjuration

FIX         Changed to Conjuration sounds


BUG       Azura’s Coast 21, 4 has floating kelp, barnacles and plants

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Sheogorad Region 5, 16 has floating kelp and kollops

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Gnisis guards are useless with short swords, and yet that is what they have

FIX         Change Gnisis guards’ swords to broadswords

-          yashnarz gro-ufthamph, largakh gro-bulfim, molvirian palenix, ughash gro-batul, dul gro-dush, vatollia apo, vantustius pundus, vertilvius cines, allian carbo, strillian macro, varian angius, dumbuk gro-bolak, yambul gro-bogrol, bogdub gra-gurakh, uloth gra-ushar, bagamul gro-dumul, ulumpha gra-sharob, mug gro-dulob, sharkub gro-khashnar, nash gro-khazor, asha-ammu kutebani, snakha gro-marob, clilias pullia, ertius fulbenus


BUG       Silver Shardskewer has name “Silver Flameskewer”

FIX         Changed name to “Silver Shardskewer”


BUG       “Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn: West Wing” cell has a floating chest (and two books on it)

FIX         Corrected position of chest and books


BUG       After the Ghostgate is shut down, the glow remains

FIX         Created “GhostfenceGlowScript” and put it on the “ghostgate glow” light object

TRIB/BLDM – Made glow used in Sotha Sil a unique object without the script


BUG       “templar belt” clothing item uses the incorrect icon

FIX         Change icon to “tx_belt_common01.tga”


BUG       “steel throwing knife” weapon should probably use the steel knife mesh (it isn’t used by anything else)

FIX         Changed to “w\w_steel_knife.nif” mesh and “w\tx_steel_knife.tga”


BUG       The skywalk connecting the two parts of the End of the World Inn is not placed correctly

FIX         Corrected


BUG       If you’ve killed the Gateway haunting Angaredhel will speak like he has already talked to you about it in the “work” topic (so the original dialogue won’t be said and quest may be broken)

FIX         Made the dialogue for if the haunting has been killed check that he has given you the quest already (added Journal town_Sadrith >= 5 check)


BUG       The dialogue for withholding Uleni’s name checks Choice = 2 instead of = 1

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Angaredhel still acts like the Haunting is there in the “Gateway Haunting” topic after you kill Uleni

FIX         Made new dialogue for if Uleni is dead


BUG       “demon cephalopod” should probably be named “Demon Cephalopod Helm”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “demon mole crab” should probably be named “Demon Mole Crab Helm”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “imperial_chain_pauldron_left” armor object uses incorrect mesh

FIX         Changed to a\A_M_ImperialChain_Pa_GND.nif

                Repositioned 3 in-game pauldrons

TRIB/BLDM – Repositioned pauldron in Mournhold, Craftsmen’s Hall


BUG       “orcish_pauldron_right” armor object uses incorrect mesh

FIX         Changed to a\A_Orcish_Pauldron_GND.nif


BUG       “left leather bracer” and “right leather bracer” don’t appear next to each other in the inventory

FIX         Changed names to “Leather Left Bracer” and “Right Leather Bracer”



BUG       steel_cuirass and steel_cuirass_ancient should use the female body part A_Steel_Cuir_Female

FIX         Corrected


BUG       common_glove_l_balmolagmer and common_glove_l_balmolagmer don’t appear next to each other in the inventory

FIX         Changed names to “Bal Molagmer Left Gauntlet” and “Bal Molagmer Right Gauntlet”


BUG       “iron shardmauler” weapon has incorrected enchantment

FIX         Changed to shard_en


BUG       Most enchanted iron weapons use incorrect enchantment (enu instead of en)

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “war axe of wounds” uses incorrect enchantment (enu instead of en)

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Bivale’s “work” dialogue for when returning the clothes from Ienas Sarandas comments out the line that gives the player the reward

FIX         Corrected


BUG       To keep with the other names the two “Daedra’s Heart” ingredients should be “Daedra Heart”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Cinia Urtius should probably take the player back to Sadrith Mora

FIX         Made her travel to the Sadrith Mora docks


BUG       Glass Arrows weigh more than steel and iron

FIX         Changed weight from .15 to .06


BUG       The Orcish Warhammer is called “Orc Warhammer”. Should be “Orcish Warhammer” to match up with the other Orc Armour/Weapons

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “throwing knife of sureflight” weapon used wrong mesh and icon

FIX         Changed to w/w_steel_knife.nif and w\tx_steel_knife.tga


BUG       Two hackle-lo containers should have capital “Lo”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “dwrv_chest10_weap” should be named “Ornate Dwemer Chest”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Balyn Omavel’s House is called “Balmora, Balyn Omarel’s House”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Sinyaramen will not speak to the player because they are a vampire after they have been cured

FIX         Added “PCVampire >= 1” checks to the four greetings

                Added two new greetings for giving the potion to Sinyaramen after being cured


BUG       Sinyaramen will speak as though you are still a vampire in the “family crest” topic

FIX         Added new dialogue for if you are cured and added a check to the vampire dialogue for if you are a vampire


BUG       Tusamircil will speak as though you are still a vampire in the “family crest” topic

FIX         Added new dialogue for if you are cured and added a check to the 2 vampire dialogues for if you are a vampire



BUG       Golena Sadri will attack the player when they get near even if they are invisible/sneaking

FIX         Added “GetDetected, Player == 1” check to SadriFight script


BUG       Ralyn Farothran and Femer Veralor in the Hlaalu and Telvanni prison cells are missing “get me out” dialogue for checking if the player has the key

FIX         Added the dialogue


BUG       Same problem for people in “Tel Vos, Jail” (not that the key is even in the game)

FIX         Added the dialogue


BUG       Frizkav Brutya and Ilden Mirel in the Ministry of Truth, Holding Cells and Hyna Dorn’ke, Vobend Dulfass and Daglin Selarar in the Ministry of Truth, Prison Keep say they don’t want to escape, but then ask for the key

FIX         Removed prisonerScript from them


BUG       Dagoth Baler is set as Undead instead of Humanoid

FIX         Corrected


BUG       One centurion creature is called “Sphere Centurion” when the others are called “Centurion Sphere”

FIX         Changed to “Centurion Sphere” to make it uniform


BUG       Ditto with some Centurion Spider creatures

FIX         Changed two creatures to “Centurion Spider”


BUG       Staada the Golden Saint is classified as a Creature instead of Daedra

FIX         Corrected



BUG       Carnius’s script mightn’t correctly update the journal when he is killed so the player doesn’t become the Factor when he talks to Falco

FIX         Copied Falco’s greeting and made the new one be displayed even if the journal wasn’t updated

                Changed earlier greeting (“colony is as good as closed”) check from < 60 to < 40

                Copied Constans’s greeting to so he’ll still say what he should if the journal isn’t updated



BUG       Same thing if you chose Carnius’s side, when you talk to Constans after killing Carnius

FIX         Copied Constans’s greeting and made the new one be displayed even if the journal wasn’t updated



BUG       silver spear_uvenim is not marked as a silver weapon

FIX         Corrected



BUG       divine judgement silver staff is not marked as a silver weapon

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Therana’s “Ash Yams” topic doesn’t check if you’re Telvanni, and because of that it seems some mods out there screw up this quest

FIX         Made the topic check that the player is a Telvanni Mouth


BUG       Blood_Feast_Shield is named “Blood Feat Shield”

FIX         Changed to “Blood Feast Shield”


BUG       The Imperial chain pauldrons are classified as heavy armour instead of medium

FIX         Changed their weights from 10 to 7


BUG       netch_leather_shield uses the wrong icon

FIX         Changed to Tx_shield_netch.tga








BUG       TorchdayScript and TorchNightScript are wrong (they aren’t used, but I’m fixing them anyway)

FIX         Fixed them


BUG       Iulus’s dialogue in the “Cunius Pelelius” topic doesn’t check if he is dead

FIX         Added Cunius Pelelius death check


BUG       The journal (A2_1_MeetSulMatuul, 1) says Caius promoted you to Apprentice when it should be to Finder

FIX         Corrected


BUG       blades_gildan, 1 journal entry refers to Gildan as ‘He’ instead of ‘She’

FIX         Corrected


BUG       EB_Unrequited, 60 refers to Eraldil as ‘him’ instead of ‘her’

FIX         Corrected


BUG       MG_StealBook, 100 says you return Chimarvamidium to Edwinna, when you stole it for her

FIX         Changed to “I gave the stolen book Chimarvamidium to Edwinna.”


BUG       MV_RichTrader, 10 says you are travelling near Seyda Neen, when you are on the other side of Vivec

FIX         Changed to say you are near Vivec


BUG       MV_SlaveMule, 75 says “Helas will likely slaughter her for the drugs once we arrive in Balmora.” twice

FIX         Removed the second one.


BUG       MV_ThiefTrader, 100 says “stolen weapons” when you don’t know they’re stolen (if you’re not a thief)

FIX         Removed “stolen”


BUG       chest_01_v_potion_al_02 in Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mage’s Guild is assigned to Skink-In-Trees-Shade instead of Tusamircil

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Signpost in Grazelands Region 8,5 has signs facing the wrong way

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Lame Corprus creatures have an extra space after their names

FIX         Corrected



BUG       Mehra’s name isn’t capitalised twice in the “blessings of Almalexia” topic in the Results choices

FIX         Corrected



BUG       HT_DrakePride is named as a House Redoran quest instead of Telvanni

FIX         Corrected



BUG       TT_MinistryHeathen quest is named “Cure the Outcast Outlander” instead of “Ashlander”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       All methods of MonthFix produce problems

FIX         Removed MonthFix


BUG       Forgot “Journal FG_Sottilde 130” in the Results of the bribed Eydis “code book” dialogue in 1.6.2 patch

FIX         Corrected


BUG       A storeroom door is object rent_balmora_council_door, a door which should only have been used for the bedroom for rent

FIX         Changed to in_hlaalu_door


BUG       The rent room in Andus’s Tradehouse in Maar Gan isn’t locked

FIX         Corrected


BUG       In Yasamsi a fork is floating above a table, and a spoon is inside a plank

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Ralen Hlaalo is spelled “Ralen Hlaalu” in a “business” dialogue.

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Because you can go lower than the lowest object in Punammu, if you do you either fall through the void or teleport back to the dungeon’s start

FIX         Placed a static rock below the lowest point so the player will not teleport


BUG       Punammu has two light_tikitorch00 that aren’t in the ground (or anything else)

FIX         Corrected the position of one, deleted the other



BUG       The Museum quest is never finished

FIX         Removed the quest name journal entry so that it isn’t considered a separate quest


BUG       Some scrolls have a weight of 1.0 instead of 0.2

FIX         Corrected: sc_summondaedroth_hto, sc_paper_plain_01_canodia, sc_paper plain, sc_messengerscroll, sc_divineintervention, sc_cureblight_ranged, note to hrisskar, chargen statssheet

TRIB/BLDM - sc_Chappy_sniper_test, sc_hiddenkiller


BUG       bk_letterfromjzhirr, bk_letterfromllaalam, bk_letterfromllaalam2 titles have “From” instead of “from”

FIX         Corrected



BUG       bk_alen_note has “handwritten letter” written on it, which is just silly

FIX         Corrected


BUG       BookSkill_Acrobatics4 is called “The Black Arrow, Volume 1” instead of “Volume I”

FIX         Corrected



BUG       sc_Chappy_sniper_test, sc_hiddenkiller and sc_lycanthropycure have ‘the’ instead of ‘The’ in their titles

FIX         Corrected



BUG       “BM nordic silver battleaxe”, “BM nordic silver battleaxe_ber”, “BM_axe_Heartfang_Unique”, “BM_hunter_battleaxe_unique” have “Battleaxe” instead of “Battle Axe”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       axe dialogue has “battleaxe” instead of “battle axe”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “bound battle-axe” spell has name “Bound Battle-Axe” instead of “Battle Axe”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “bound weapons spells” dialogue has “battle-axe” instead of “battle axe” in all 7 dialogues

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “little secret” topic, “And of course they buried Stormkiss…”, has “battle-axe” instead of “battle axe”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Journal MS_Nord_burial, 1 has “battle-axe” instead of “battle axe”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Static bed in Aharunartus and Telvayn Ancestral Tomb instead of Activator

FIX         Replaced with Activators

TRIB/BLDM – Same in Raven Rock, Factor’s Estate


BUG       Dals Sadri is set as Hlaalu instead of Telvanni

FIX         Corrected


BUG       bk_Ibardad_Elante_notes is a book, but weighs the same as a scroll

FIX         Changed from 0.2 to 2.0



BUG       bk_fur_armor has the book interface instead of the scroll interface

FIX         Corrected


BUG       There are two Dumbuk gro-bolaks. The one in Sadrith Mora shouldn’t be there

FIX         Removed the Sadrith Mora one


BUG       gah_julan is a slave, but doesn’t have a slave bracer

FIX         Gave him slave_bracer_right


BUG       Gurag gro-Yarzol has a vampire face when he shouldn’t

FIX         Changed to b_n_orc_head_m_03


BUG       teegla is a slave, but doesn’t have a slave bracer

FIX         Gave him slave_bracer_right


BUG       tolmera relenim is set as Hlaalu instead of Telvanni

FIX         Corrected



BUG       BM_hunter_battleaxe_unique weapon has incorrect icon

FIX         Changed to w\Nord_battleaxe.dds


BUG       Weapons “iron flameslayer”, “iron shardslayer”, “iron sparkslayer” and “iron viperslayer” have the wrong icons

FIX         Changed to w\Tx_Claymore_Iron.tga


BUG       Weapons “iron flamemace”, “iron shardmace” and “iron sparkmace” have the wrong icons

FIX         Changed to w\w_mace_iron.tga


BUG       Weapons “steel flameslayer”, “steel shardslayer”, “steel sparkslayer” and “steel viperslayer” have the wrong meshes

FIX         Changed to w\W_claymore.nif


BUG       Weapons “iron spear”, “iron long spear”, “iron flameskewer”, “iron shardskewer”, “iron sparkskewer” and “iron viperskewer” have the wrong icons

FIX         Changed to w\tx_spear_iron.tga


BUG       Weapon “dwarven war axe_redas” should have Dwemer War Axe mesh and icon

FIX         Changed to “w\W_Dwemer_waraxe.nif” and “Tx_Dwemer_waraxe.tga”


BUG       sNotify Message36 menu setting has “you” instead of “your”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       sCaughtStealingMessage menu setting should have a comma after “Hey”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       sNotifyMessage37 menu setting says “type in your name” when it is used for potion names, not just the character name

FIX         Changed to “type in a name” since that applies to all uses


BUG       The Kummu shrine takes 10 muck off you instead of just 1

FIX         Changed shrineKummu to take just 1 muck


BUG       Kaye says in his Greeting 5 (“A Bosmer named…”) that he will give you 200 gold, but doesn’t

FIX         Added “Player->AddItem gold_001 200” to Results field


BUG       Tarer Braryn’s Greeting 5 (“Hello %PCName…”) should have a comma after the Hello

FIX         Corrected



BUG       “BM bear cuirass” and “BM_bear_cuirass_snow” needs the groin part selected to stop conflicts with certain groin meshes

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Ogrim Titan is more powerful than the Ogrim, but its soul is worth much less

FIX         Changed the soul value to 210


BUG       Drulene doesn’t buy Corky because her dialogue for if she already has Corky doesn’t check to make sure she has him

FIX         Added a “corkyFollow = 2” check to the first “Corky” dialogue


BUG       Ajira will continue to give the ceramic bowl “duties” dialogue if you give the bowl without leaving

FIX         Added new duties dialogue to be said until the player leaves and comes back


BUG       shrineTemple script has 25 instead of 35 in three places

FIX         Corrected


BUG       p_drain_endurance_q potion has a 10 magnitude effect when it should be 1

FIX         Corrected


BUG       The Thieves’ Guild “bad people” dialogues should stop after the quest is done

FIX         Added “Journal town_balmora < 30” checks to the 2 “If the bad people…” dialogues


BUG       2 “Chronicles of Nchuleft” dialogues refer to the Foreign Quarter as the “Market Canton”

FIX         Corrected


BUG       3 Journal entries refer to the Foreign Quarter as the “Market Canton”

FIX         Corrected HH_IndEsp1, 10

                Corrected HH_IndEsp2, 10

                Corrected MT_DB_Contact, 50


BUG       Wadarkhu’s “breeding netch” dialogue for Disp 80 is missing the checks for if the netches are dead

FIX         Added the two checks


BUG       The 4 (non-Gnaar Mok/non-Kaye) “Caryarel” dialogues should have a journal check to make the topic not shown once the quest is complete

FIX         Added “Journal IC15_MissingLimeware < 50” checks


BUG       Simine’s “Gentleman Jim Stacey” dialogues are in the incorrect order

FIX         Switched them around


BUG       Hides-His-Eyes keeps asking you if you’ll betray him in the “Hides His Eyes is Haj-Ei” topic

FIX         Added a “Journal MV_BountyHunter < 110” check to the initial dialogue


BUG       “little advice” dialogue for Ald’ruhn (“If you want weapons…”) shouldn’t be said by the smiths or Daynes Redothril

FIX         Added a “Not Class Smith = 1” check

                Added a “Not ID daynes redothril = 1” check


BUG       General Darius shouldn’t say the Gnisis work “little advice” topic

FIX         Added a “Not ID general darius = 1” check


BUG       Gnisis Mask of Vivec “little advice” topic shouldn’t be said by Mehra Drora

FIX         Added a “Not ID mehra drora = 1” check


BUG       5 “little secret” topics (“Somebody said Larrius…”) are missing checks for if the quest is complete and if the player is at level 3

FIX         Added “Journal town_balmora < 30” checks

                Added “Function PC Level >= 3” checks


BUG       Marayn Dren is referred to as ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ in Sharn’s “Mages Guild” dialogue

FIX         Corrected


BUG       ‘.’ instead of ‘?’ in Sharn’s “Nereverine prophecies” dialogue (“Ashlander culture…”)

FIX         Corrected


BUG       You can get the assassinate Rufinus quest early if you talk to Lorbumol about “Rufinus Alleius”

FIX         Added “Journal FG_SilenceTaxgirl >= 100” checks to all but the completed dialogue



BUG       Time to destroy the Solstheim topics. Everyone hates them, so time to make them disappear once you’ve gone to Solstheim (yes, you still need to put up with them until then)

FIX         Changed the “Journal BM_Rumors < 50” checks on the last three “Solstheim” dialogues to < 100

                Deleted the “A terrible place…” “Solstheim” dialogue

                Added “Not Local NoLore = 0” checks on the last three “Solstheim” dialogues



BUG       Almalexia’s turn too

FIX         Added “Not Local NoLore = 0” checks to the 3 universal dialogues


BUG       St. Olms “someone in particular” topic says Crassius Curio lives there

FIX         Changed so it only says the two Hlaalu lords live there


BUG       “statue book” dialogue (‘A “statue” book…’) shouldn’t be said by Jobasha

FIX         Added a “Not ID jobasha = 1” check


BUG       “statue book” topic shouldn’t be displayed after the book is given to Duma

FIX         Added “Journal DA_Boethiah < 60” checks to the non-Duma dialogues


BUG       The Tribunal and Tribunal Temple topics are exactly the same

FIX         Deleted the “Tribunal Temple” topic

                Removed Faction check for Savant “Tribunal” dialogue

                Added “Not Local NoLore = 0” check to Savant “Tribunal” dialogue


BUG       Larrius Varo’s first Greeting 5 doesn’t make the ‘work’ topic show up for some unknown reason

FIX         Added “AddTopic, ‘work’” to the greeting results field


BUG       Vorar Helas doesn’t take the moon sugar off of you in the “Vorar’s moon sugar” topic

FIX         Added “Player->RemoveItem, ‘ingred_moon_sugar_01’, 20” to results


BUG       “left gauntlet of the horny first” and “right gauntlet of horny fist” names are different

FIX         Changed “left gauntlet of the horny first” name to “Left Gauntlet of Horny Fist”



BUG       Geon Auline should stop saying his “collection” dialogue if you decided no to give him the dagger

FIX         Added a “Journal MS_EstateSale < 60” check to the >= 20 dialogue



BUG       Journal entry MS_EstateSale, 60 has “Dorth” instead of “Droth”

FIX         Corrected



BUG       If you refuse to give the droth dagger to Geon, then give it to him afterwards, then he will keep asking you for it

FIX         Created new journal entry MS_EstateSale, 95

                Added “Journal MS_EstateSale != 80” check to Geon’s Greeting 5 (“Have you acquired…”)

                Copied = 70 Greeting 5 and made it for = 95

                Copied “Droth Dagger” dialogue choice 3, added “Journal MS_EstateSale > 70” check and changed result to add 95 journal entry

                Copied “Droth Dagger” dialogue for = 70 and changed to = 95

                Copied “collector” dialogue for = 70 and changed to = 95

                Changed 80 to 75 in DrothCopy script and added new section for 96

                Changed 80 to 75 in DrothPost script and added new section to change from 95 to 96

                Changed top two “collector” dialogues to check for 70 to 75 and 95 to 96

                Changed top two “Droth Dagger” dialogues to check for 70 to 75 and 95 to 96

                Changed two Greeting 5s to check for 70 to 75 and 95 to 96

                Changed DrothPost script to == 70 and == 95 instead of >=

                Added “Journal MS_EstateSale < 70” check to “Arnsa Thendas” >= 20 dialogue

                Copied the = 70 “Arnsa Thendas” dialogue and made one 70 to 75 and the other 95 to 96


BUG       Shargam gro-shagdulg says about Ralen Hlaalo in the “latest rumors” topic, but in the “Ralen Hlaalo” topic knows nothing about him

FIX         Changed the “latest rumors” dialogue to be said by Dralosa Athren instead


BUG       Anarenen’s Devil Tanto doesn’t show up if his chest has already been emptied

FIX         Put the dagger inside the chest

                Created anarenenChestScript to disable the chest before the quest and enable it once given the quest

                Put anarenenChestScript on chest_small_02_anararen

                Removed “"chest_small_02_anararen"->AddItem "devil_tanto_tgamg" 1” from “Anareren’s Devil Tanto” dialogue


BUG       “Anareren’s Devil Tanto” topic should be “Anarenen’s Devil Tanto”

FIX         Changed name


BUG       Anarenen is misspelt “Anareren” in 2 “Anarenen’s Devil Tanto” dialogues

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Anarenen is misspelt “Anareren” in “jobs” dialogue

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Anarenen is misspelt “Anareren” in one of Aengoth’s Greeting 5s

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Anarenen is misspelt “Anareren” in both TG_LootAldruhnMG journal entries

FIX         Corrected


BUG       “Nevermind” spelt “Nevemind” in Trebonius’s first Arch-Mage topic

FIX         Corrected


BUG       shrineBalUr script should check to make sure the player is on the Bal Ur shrine quest

FIX         Added checks for if the Ald Sotha and Dagon Fel quests are done (ok… so not actually used)


BUG       shrineDagonFel script should check to make sure the player is on the Dagon Fel shrine quest

FIX         Added check for Journal TT_DagonFel >= 10


BUG       The player should have the option of not returning the hides to Marsus Tullius when the ashlanders tell them that they were from the ashlander herds

FIX         Changed Marsus’s “guar hide shipment” = 60 dialogue to >= 60
                Added ingred_guar_hide_marsus >= 10 check to Marsus’s = 85 “guar hide shipment” dialogue

                Added 3 choices in Marsus’s “guar hide shipment” >= 60 results

                Created MV_InnocentAshlanders, 120 journal entry for if you change your mind about helping

                Added Choice = 1, 2 and 3 “guar hide shipment” Marsus dialogues

                Added MV_InnocentAshlanders < 100 check to Marsus’s >= 60 “guar hide shipment” dialogue

                Added MV_InnocentAshlanders != 120 check to Marsus’s >= 100 “guar hide shipment” dialogue

                Added MV_InnocentAshlanders != 40 check to Marsus’s < 60 “guar hide shipment” dialogue

                Added MV_InnocentAshlanders < 120 checks to Tinti and Hairan’s >= 80 dialogues

                Copied = 40 “thieving Ashlanders” dialogue and made it for = 120

TRIB/BLDM – Checked “Finished” on MV_InnocentAshlanders, 120 journal entry


BUG       The Bonebiter Bow should be a bonemold bow, not chitin

FIX         Changed mesh to w\W_longbow_bonemold.nif

                Changed icon to w\tx_longbow_bonemold.tga

                Changed max damage to 35

                Changed weight to 7

                Changed health to 800

                Changed enchantment to 400 (useless, but who cares?)

                Changed value to 400


BUG       Fire Shield has red icons (destruction) when they should be purple (Alteration)

FIX         Created Icons\s\Tx_S_fire_shield.dds in the correct colour

                Created Icons\s\B_Tx_S_fire_shield.dds in the correct colour


BUG       Absorb Spells use Restoration sounds instead of Mysticism

FIX         Changed to Mysticism sounds


BUG       Rally Creature and Rally Humanoid have Mysticism sounds instead of Illusion

FIX         Changed to Illusion sounds


BUG       Llaals Ores acts like he’s been hired if you hire the other guy in the “recruit some miners” dialogue

FIX         Created “llaalshired” global

                “SET llaalshired TO 1” in Savile’s Choice = 1 dialogue

                Added “Global llaalshired = 1” check in Llaals’s = 150 dialogue


BUG       Savile’s “recruit some miners” dialogue doesn’t check if the player actually has the 200 gold to pay for the slave

FIX         Create new dialogue for Choice = 1 and Gold_001 < 200


BUG       When you recruit miners for your Hlaalu stronghold, they never actually go to the mine

FIX         Created “recruitMinerScript” to move whichever miner you chose to the mine

                Put “StartScript, recruitMinerScript” in both miner’s dialogue


BUG       Ilasour’s “recruit some miners” dialogue checks >= 130 instead of >= 140

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Icons from previous patch version were weird

FIX         Created new ones


BUG       Some of Neminda’s dialogue refers to the player as Hlaalu when they are in disguise as Redoran

FIX         Added new “Advancement” dialogues for male and female

                Added new “duties” dialogues for male and female

                Added new “House Redoran” dialogue

                Added new “join House Redoran” dialogues for male and female


BUG       imperial_studded_cuirass should probably be considered Legion uniform

FIX         Added LegionUniform script to imperial_studded_cuirass


BUG       Steel stormsword uses the wrong mesh and icon

FIX         Changed to w\W_Broadsword_leafblade.nif and w\Tx_Broadsword_leafbladed.tga



BUG       Sigvatr‘s “wergild” shouldn’t continue after the quest is complete

FIX         Added BM_Retribution < 50 checks to all his dialogues



BUG       The Sotha Sil fabricant machine keeps working in MenuMode

FIX         Edited sotha_machine1 and sotha_machine2 to stop in MenuMode


BUG       Stacey’s Brallion’s Ring “Bal Molagmer” dialogue checks for PC Crime Level >= 1 instead of 100

FIX         Changed to >= 100


BUG       Rabinna’s greetings don’t take into account if you refuse the quest to take her to Vorar

FIX         Added “Journal MV_SlaveMule != 40” checks to her bottom 2 dialogues


BUG       Relam Arinith’s “deliver this slave” >= 30 dialogue should check != 40

FIX         Added “Journal MV_SlaveMule != 40” check


BUG       Arver Rethul, Suvryn Doves, Ivrosa Verethi and Guldrise Dralor are all set to Thieves’ Guild instead of Camonna Tong

FIX         Corrected


BUG       Samurai is misspelt in the Buoyant Armiger description

FIX         Corrected


BUG       6 containers are owned by Miles Gloriosus instead of Baladas

FIX         Corrected


BUG       The flora containers in Tendris’s room in Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House, Entry should probably belong to Tendris, not Nelso (as Tendris sells ingredients, and Nelso is fairly far away)

FIX         Changed ownerships of the flora containers and a misc_de_foldedcloth00
























wooden crossbow

daedric long spear

dwarven long spear

wooden bolt

wooden arrow

TRIB/BLDM – BM ice spear

TRIB/BLDM – BM ice shortsword




TRIB/BLDM – BM_Ice minion_Shield2




namira’s ring















TRIB/BLDM – Contain_Daedric_Chest_01

TRIB/BLDM – Flora_BM_wolfsbane_02




TRIB/BLDM – BM_riekling2                                             (iceminion2)






TRIB/BLDM – Light_Com_Torch_Burnedout               (light_torch_burnedout)

TRIB/BLDM – light_mh_streetlamp_02                          (light_mh_streetlamp_01)

TRIB/BLDM – light_mh_streetlight_01




Misc_candle_blue_01 (created icon)

Misc_candle_green_01 (created icon)

Misc_candle_ivory_01 (created icon)


















TRIB/BLDM - in_colony_door01

Scene Root




blight cloud_medium

blight cloud_small




















TRIB/BLDM - act_spikes

TRIB/BLDM - act_sotha_oilcrane

TRIB/BLDM - act_poison_steam

TRIB/BLDM - act_dwe_explosion















TRIB/BLDM - bm_ex_ice_exit01_dirt

TRIB/BLDM - bm_ex_ice_exit01_dirtsnow

TRIB/BLDM - bm_ex_ice_exit01_snow

TRIB/BLDM - bm_ex_ice_exit02_dirtsnow

TRIB/BLDM – EX_MH_building_06





OBJECTS NOT IN TESCS (Not added in Patch)


misc_chest11 (same as contain_chest11)

misc_sack00 (same as contain_sack00)

furn_skull_01 (same as furn_bone_skull_01 but missing texture)

in_nord_ladder_01_a (same as in_com_traptop_01)

flora_mucksponge_07 (missing Tx_cropmuck_base_01.tga, Tx_cropmuck_rim_01.tga)